2014-08-04 20.46.55Here are some articles of mine that appeared in The Local, a major online English-language news outlet in Sweden. They were always popular, as we expats like nothing better than a good old moan.

The Beard Is Dead – Originally just about beards, the Conchita stuff was poked in at the last second to make it topical. Editors, eh?

Murder In The Laundry Room – The Swedes and their interesting behaviour when it comes to booking and using their laundry rooms. Blood and fabric softener.

Strange Foods And How To Find Them – General moaning about the foods I miss from my home country.

The Art Of Standing In Line – A look at queueing, that most Swedish of activities.

A Nice Cup Of Tea – Ah yes. The tea. Sweden has a very strained relationship to tea. Fruit and flowers my arse. Here I have a good old rant about it.