Erotic Refugees (contemporary fiction, complete)

Rob knows all about getting laid. As an Irish expat in Stockholm, he just has to open his mouth and let his surly accent do all the work. No problem. Eoin has survived a messy divorce and is now a part-time single father and full-time neurotic. He’d very much like to get laid but doesn’t even know where to start.

But when Rob loses his job he and Eoin hatch a plan for an Internet dating site with a twist that will make them both rich and desirable. All that stands in their way are jilted lovers, angry ex-wives, sexual secrets, tempting pints of Guinness and all those extraneous Swedish vowels. And as the two new friends discover, neither sex, love nor HTML ever turn out quite the way you expect.


The Endless Sleep (YA contemporary fantasy, second draft)

If being stuck in a crappy school in Dublin wasn’t enough of a nightmare, Vendela also starts to have weird dreams. First her dog joins her in them, then some of her classmates, and even a teacher. They soon discover they are Skilled, lucid dreamers with special powers in the unending dream world of the Soma.

But they are not alone inside their new playground. The red-trousered tailor is reaching out into their world from deep within dreams, manipulating things and people, snipping off thumbs with his great, cold scissors. The tailor wants the power of the Skilled, to break down the barrier between the worlds of dream and reality. And when he does, nobody will ever be able to dream again.

Rare Beasts (contemporary fantasy noir, second draft)

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