Short Bio

Paddy Kelly, an Irishman in Sweden, likes poking in odd corners and writing about what he finds there. While Paddy has written poetry, articles, songs and fiction, his scribbler’s heart lies in the fantastical, in contemporary fantasy and science fiction. And if the fantastical can be twisted into the funny, well then, so much the better.

Longer Bio

2013-10-12 20.01.31Paddy Kelly was born in Ireland in 1971 and narrowly avoided being a farmer. A romantic accident caused him to move to Sweden where he remains to this day, now a huge fan of standing in line, fermented fish and freezing snow. While his academic background lies in physics, engineering and pedagogy, these days he programs time-wasting mobile and internet games.

When writing, Paddy tackles contemporary fiction, science fiction, poetry, songs, articles and essays. His ebook Erotic Refugees, vaguely based on his own experiences as an expat and single father in Stockholm, is available on amazon, where it currently boasts more good reviews than he has family members.

When not scribbling at his desk, his tongue sticking slightly out, Paddy dances Lindy Hop, Belly Dance and Charleston, goes for long walks where he invariably gets lost, and finds unexpected new ways to cook and eat porridge.

Other things that tickle his fancy include goth, airships, the 1920s, fancy beer, non-fiction books with a single noun as the title (example: Salt) and a good strong wind in a mountain pass.

Bonus fact 1: Paddy has, on several occasions, had his arm all the way inside a cow.

Bonus fact 2: Paddy has never lost a staring contest. Not once.

Paddy_ColorHere’s a photo of me taken in a studio by a professional with an unfeasibly large lens. I probably should have worn a tie.








1069210_10151492254162007_330694291_nThere’s also this summery one, showing my best hat.







10418388_10152131627742007_7247813915784477356_nFinally, there’s this one. I am neither the tall person nor the short person but I just flat-out love that photo. Isn’t it great?