The Writing Blog Commences

Well hello there. No, wait! This isn’t going to be one of those “welcome to my new blog” posts. Well it is, clearly, but not one of those ones where they post a “welcome to my new blog” post and then nothing ever again. Those blogs are out there. I’ve seen them. I often wonder what happened to those people. Boredom, possibly. Or maybe they dropped dead at the keyboard, with the best blog post of their lives just bubbling on their brains, about to get out and then – blam! Dead. And that wonderful blog idea, lost forever, like tears in rain, or a small pencil in IKEA.

So. I’ve been blogging on and off for damn near ten years over at Swedish Extravaganza, with over 500 posts. But now I will direct my efforts to here, with more focus on things related to my writing. Although, I do love a lot of other things too, so they will probably pop up. Like old telephones covered in cobwebs, for example.

2014-07-24 17.42.59Ah yes, there’s one now. If you happen to have an old telephone covered in cobwebs, then please let me know. And pop back again soon. There’s more to come, I promise.

/ paddy



  1. You’re right, there are actually way too many of those “welcome to my new blog” posters who never post again. They probably dropped dead at the keyboard. Because how hard is it to go delete the blog if you don’t want to use it?
    Good luck with your new blog, however!

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